Time to Love (Robert Thiessen)

Nice to see you man ten years can really blow by

It’s good to see that you’ve done something with your life

I heard where you’re at now it’s just like you’re printing money

I guess your hard work finally payed off, but you owe it to your time


Life’s like a clock and you can almost hear it tickin’

And every heartbeat is a gift from up above

Each passing moment is one less you’ve got for living

So don’t forget to stop and take the time take the time to love

I heard from Elaine that you found separate ways of coping

I guess fame and money didn’t keep her by your side

I’m so sad to hear it man you two sure made a nice pair

I didn’t take the news to lightly

Was the last the last time that I cried


The night it comes when we all run out of minutes

And there’s no way to ever slow the sands of time

So take each moment as the gift that it was given

Cause the love we share with others is all that we leave behind