The Good Life (Robert Thiessen, Curtis Szakacs)


There’s a lot of miles on my old car and not much money in my bank

But for things that I’ve been given it’s the good Lord that I thank

Not about the stuff I have but all about a peace of mind

Of knowing exactly where I am going when I leave this world behind


I’m living the good life yeah that’s the life for me

I’ve been saved healed delivered got a home in eternity

not by anything I’ve done but by what he has done for me

I’m living the good life and that good life is free

I never would have imagined what Jesus had for me

If he ever knew about the things I’ve said or done or seen

But not something that you can work for, that’s what I’ve come to learn

The good life is a gift from God not something that you earn


My good life started from within

When I gave up my heart to him

Forever starts today, so when I die….

Then I’ll fly away oh glory…..