Shining Through (Robert Thiessen)

Well I bet you’ve probably wondered why I’m walking around with this big smile on my face

Well I’d be happy happy happy to tell you I’ve been redeemed by Gods amazing grace

And the news gets even better cause I found out that it’s all about him its not about me

So now I wake up in the morning and I make the choice to let Jesus shine through me now


I’ve got the Son shining through me

Ya I’ve got some good news and I’m not gonna keep it to myself

I’ve got a freedom that only comes through believing

That His grace is enough for everything that I’m not

And I’m gonna go and tell the world about the love of God

About the gift of Jesus and how he set me free through the sacrifice he made on Calvary

I’ve got the Son shining through me

You don’t want to bore me with your story cause your too far gone at least that’s what everybody says

But what you don’t know is that it’s not too late just as long as you have breath

So take a moment say a prayer and it will change your life cause Jesus He loves the sinners too

He can make the lame walk and He make the blind to see and He can even shine through you now

Repeat Chorus

I know that God must really love the world because he gave his only Son

So that all we need to do is believe in him and believe the things he’s done

The gift is waiting for the taking so don’t pass it up it’s not about condemnation

Praise God we can live forever cause the gift of life is free for everyone who receives it

For everyone who receives it….so….

Repeat Chorus