Pickup Truck (Robert Thiessen)

I’ve always liked to do things my way cruising down this road of life

Solving all the problems on my own, thinking my ways’ always right

But today my plans are changing I’m gonna give the Lord control

I’d even let him drive my pickup truck I’m gonna trust him with my soul


What if Jesus drove my pickup truck would he like the way it rides?

Would he roll those windows all the way down and try out my 35’s?

Find a muddy dirt road where the map runs out hammer down till it got stuck

I’d be grinning in the shotgun seat if Jesus drove my pickup truck

So now I wonder what I’ve all been missing sticking firm to my own plans

Too afraid to ever take a chance and really give the Lord command

So from now on I’m gonna trust him even if it don’t make sense

Cause he’s the kind of guy to open up the gate when the trail hits a fence

Repeat Chorus

I know the good Lord has a plan for me with a future and a hope

So if I get stuck in a big ol rut he’ll be the one to tow the rope

Repeat Chorus