Alright by Jesus (Robert Thiessen)

I’m a simple man I make no apology

Ya I’ve done my time in college but it never got to me

Ya that quest for higher knowledge it just never met my taste

And when it comes to my salvation brother well that knowledge is just a waste


So go ahead and have your fun with your high falutin philosophies

Read into what you want to

To find the things you want to see

But in a world so over complicated my simple philosophy

Is if it’s alright by Jesus it’s alright by me

Jesus said to come just like a child so like a child I will run

Into his loving arms and forever stay in my home beyond the sun

Eternal life is a gift from God I can’t do it on my own

Down this lonely straight and narrow by his saving grace alone

Repeat Chorus

No matter how I try I’ll never figure out creation

I’ll never buy my own salvation by the things I say and do

But it’s my job to always trust him I’m so thankful I can trust him

Because no matter what the problem he will always see me through

Repeat Chorus